10 Subtle Signs The Universe Wants You To Be With Someone | Ronnie Ann Ryan

So, you meet this amazing person and feel like things are finally going your way. Yes!

Falling in love is exciting and blissful all at the same time. But how do you know you’ve actually met “The One”? Are there signs from the universe that the person you love is right for you? Absolutely!

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10 Signs the Universe Wants You to Be With Someone

1. You recognize each other.

The moment you met, there was an instant connection. It’s as if you recognize each other from your social group or soul family.

Even though you have never met them before, you saw something in their eyes that sparked recognition on a deeper level.

2. It feels like you’ve known them forever.

It might only be a few weeks or months, yet somehow it feels like you’ve known your new mate your whole life. From the moment you met, you clicked, and your comfort level is sort of astonishing for such a short time.

These are sure signs from the universe that you are right for each other.