Ankara hosts successful teachers to celebrate Teacher’s Day

In a bid to celebrate teachers’ hard work and efforts in education, the Ministry of National Education will celebrate Teacher’s Day in Ankara on Nov. 24.

Teachers from public and private institutions who are making a difference in their field will participate in the events planned under the Ministry of National Education’s coordination in Ankara.

Among those being recognized, Ekrem İnci, a physical education instructor who works in Batman, has helped his students earn accolades in both individual and team sports on a national and global level.

İnci was appointed in 2021 to Veysel Karani Anatolian Imam Hatip High School – the first and only sports school in the eastern Anatolia region. His students have won the world championship in wrestling, secured fourth in judo, eighth in badminton and first in orienteering, athletics and judo in Turkey.

The students, who also won the Fair Play Award in orienteering, took home 596 cups and medals in several branches, most of which were provincial and regional achievements.

The second name among these teachers is Adem Kaplan, an electrical instructor in Sivas. Entitled to grants from the European Development Agency with a budget of over 1 million euros (dollars), Kaplan used this budget to establish laboratories for his school.

Kaplan, who also supported the establishment of a Virtual Reality (VR) laboratory in Sivas with the EU grant project, received the “2022 Innovative Teaching-Learning Award” among over 800 applications from 50 countries in the evaluation made by the international jury of the European Education Foundation (ETF).

Two EU grant projects with a combined budget of 740,000 euros were accepted in the NEET (Neither Education Nor Employment) proposal call of Kaplan, who was invited to give a presentation at the final ceremony where the top three will be determined in Italy and the Metaverse Training Camp will be held the following day.

Kaplan also paved the way for many of his coworkers to travel abroad and use projects to bring excellent practice examples to their home country.

German instructor Cansel Akel from Aydın is the third teacher to be called to the ceremony held in Ankara. She collaborated with her students on the e-Twinning projects she created between 2012 and 2015.

Receiving national and European quality labels, Cansel participated with her students in the international Comenius project called “Youth Without Borders,” in which schools from Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Hungary and Türkiye are partners in 2013-2015.

In the TÜBİTAK 2204 – high school student research projects competition – the projects that Akel supervised ranked first, second, third in the region, and fourth in Turkey.

Cansel, who organized a village products festival for the first time in the village of Durasillı in Manisa’s Salihli district, within the scope of her project named “Rural Development in Local Area,” opened a “Local Food Preparation” course for 11 women to sell their products first hand. Thanks to the project, women learned how to sell their products and started exporting abroad.

Cansel, who was the first in Turkey for the project they supervised in smart transportation at TEKNOFEST last year, was selected second this year for their agricultural technologies project in the same competition. Cansel’s four students with insufficient economic means, with whom Cansel worked together on projects, received TEKNOFEST and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) degrees and various scholarships.

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