Big Eyes Coin On Ethereum Blockchain Could Be As Big As Axie Infinity

The metaverse is one sector of the blockchain technology that has made quite the buzz in recent times, and blockchain integrations like NFT and GameFi are partially involved in the attempts towards the global adoption of this virtual reality. Major gaming coins like AxieInfinity(AXS) have played a pivotal role with their play-to-earn metaverse games that allow gamers to earn while having fun and interacting with like minds. Axie pulled a 2 million user base in 2021 and currently has over 300k daily active gamers. It is considered the most successful gaming coin currently.

Big eyes coin(BIG) is a new cryptocurrency, an ethereum based meme coin debuting into the ecosystem. With the network’s plans, it could become a valuable addition to the NFT ecosystem and the meme coins meta as a whole. With Big eyes coin unique offerings, it could be just as big to the meme coin meta as Axie is to the blockchain gaming landscape. Let’s find out more about these cryptocurrencies.

AxieInfinity(AXS) The Top Gaming Coin

AxieInfinity(AXS) is one of the top gaming coins built on the Ronin side chain on the ethereum blockchain. The ronin chain enables better scalability and an improved gaming experience for users. The Axie ecosystem revolves around Axies, tiny fun creatures that players can gather, raise and breed to battle with other creatures in the arena.

Axie Infinity, like many other metaverse games, differs from traditional gaming platforms because they create an environment where users are rewarded for their contributions, using the integration of blockchain technology. The Ethereum-based game has a framework that enables users to control their virtual assets and rewards those who can reach higher levels while playing the games.

Ethereum(ETH) The Second Largest Crypto

The Ethereum (ETH) network is the second largest network in the cryptocurrency market. Although ranked below Bitcoin, Ethereum is the first network to have the edge over Bitcoin by introducing decentralized open source systems and smart contract functionality. Anyone can create permanent decentralized applications on Ethereum, and this function has greatly contributed to improving the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally.

Applications for decentralized finance (DeFi) offer a wide range of financial services without the necessity for intermediaries and third-party systems. Although the network previously operated on a proof-of-work consensus, Ethereum recently migrated to the proof-of-stake consensus model and is on its way to providing a better scalable network for its users.

Big eyes coin is a new cryptocurrency building on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is of no doubt that the cryptocurrency would benefit significantly from the better scalability that Ethereum promises for its community,

Big Eyes Coin(BIG) The New Meme Coin

In a system dominated by dog-themed meme coins, Big eyes Coin is a cryptocurrency looking to change the narrative for the meme coin meta. The big eyes system is a decentralized, community-driven system built to generate wealth for its users.

According to the creators of the meme coin, the coin will also be eco-friendly, with 5% of the total supply designated to a charity wallet. The money made from this will go to organizations promoting ocean and sea cleaning. Some of the network’s profit will also be donated to charity initiatives.

Big eyes also intends to diversify into the NFT community and create top NFT collections where users can generate money and make good profits. Big eyes coin is currently on presale.

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