Bloodborne Fans Are Baffled by Latest PlayStation Report:

Bloodborne fans are completely baffled by the latest report that has come about that involves PlayStation. For years, fans of the FromSoftware action title have been making it known that they’d like to see a new remaster, remake, or PC version of the game come about. Despite these ongoing requests, PlayStation has not come anywhere close to making good on those requests. And while hope continues to linger, the latest news involving the PlayStation brand might be a bit too much for Bloodborne fans to handle.

Earlier today, it was reported that PlayStation is looking to remake its 2017 game Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5. Not much is known about this new version of the game, but it will seemingly be similar to the recent PS5 remake in The Last of Us Part 1. As such, it will greatly improve the visuals, textures, and lighting in the game and make it more akin to what was seen in the sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

Not long after this report came about, numerous fans began to make it known on social media that they don’t understand how PlayStation is looking to remake Horizon Zero Dawn rather than Bloodborne. Not only is: Bloodborne the older game of the two, but essentially no one within the PlayStation community has been requesting a new version of: Horizon Zero Dawn. Not to mention Horizon Zero Dawn already has a version that is available to play on PC.

Even though: Bloodborne fans are used to getting let down at this point, this news of: Horizon Zero Dawn potentially getting a PS5 remake seemed to push many to the brink of frenzy. While it remains to be seen if: Bloodborne ever gets remastered or remade, these continued requests from fans make it feel as though Sony isn’t listening to anyone.

Do you sympathize with fans who continue to hope that a new version of: Bloodborne will come about? And do you think that we’re ever actually going to get a new iteration of the game? Let me know down in the comments or message me on Twitter at: @MooreMan12.

And if you’d like to see what: Bloodborne fans are saying about this news associated with upcoming PlayStation remakes, be sure to keep reading on down below.

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