Cape Cod Times Needy Fund helps with emergency financial assistance

Cape Cod’s health care workers are often the region’s unsung heroes, and it can be difficult to balance their challenging careers with the high costs of living.

A certified nursing assistant in Barnstable reached out to the Cape Cod Times Needy Fund for assistance with an electric bill after her service had been shut off.

Despite her efforts to make the monthly payments, the single mother of a 19-month-old child with asthma still needs money. After rent, however, she would have only $100 left to pay the bill, which wasn’t enough. Needing heat and hot water, especially as cold weather approaches, she wasn’t sure what to do.

The single mother contacted the Needy Fund, which paid the bill and the woman’s electricity was restored. The Needy Fund also provided the woman with resources and referrals, enabling her to apply for fuel assistance and establish a payment plan for future utility bills.