Concerned Citizens of Centerville say neighbors of cell tower are ill:


CENTERVILLE – Neighbors near the South Congregational Church in Centerville say they have recently been experiencing many physical symptoms consistent with exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone tower in the church steeple, according to members of the Concerned Citizens of Centerville.

Jennifer Lynch of that group said the newly discovered readings that neighbors were getting from reliable meters were triple the previous week from what they had been. Symptoms “have been kind of accumulative” over the past year and most recently increased dramatically, Janet Davis, chairwoman of the Concerned Citizens group, said.

Abutters to the cell tower in the South Congregational Church in Centerville register the 13,338 level of wireless radiation as they stand across the street.  They are, from left, Reza Mahdavi, Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, Molly and James Sproul, Jack and Carol Lynch and Janet Davis.  A TriField Model TF2 EMF meter is being held to register the level of wireless radiation.

Davis, a co-owner of the 1856 Country Store next to the church, said some of her employees are having symptoms, including herself and her sister, Joanne O’Connor, who lives and works at the store. Their symptoms include headaches, brain fog, heart palpitations and ear ringing. O’Connor has also had extreme nausea for many days sending her to a doctor to determine the cause, Davis said.