Developer reacts to PlayStation VR 2 – will PSVR 2 be any good?

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 will be here soon. The PSVR 2 release date is set for February 22, 2023, so it’s just months away and you’re maybe considering a PSVR 2 pre-order from the official Sony PlayStation Store. The big question is, will it be worth it?

We know the new PSVR 2 virtual reality hardware will be swoopy and white like the base console, but its looks are just one of many reasons why the next generation of VR will be a head-turner. As our PS5 review revealed, two years on Sony’s newest console still impresses, so expectations are high PlayStation VR 2 will be unrivaled. Stick with me as I dig into why you should be excited for PSVR 2.