Google I / O 2022 Search Related Announcements:

Google I / O 2022:

I know you are all super busy, so let me quickly let you scan through all the search related announcements that Google announced at Google I / O yesterday. From multisearch near me, immersive map views, Google Translate & Lens expansion, image skin tons and schema, My Ad Center, personal information tool, about this result expansion, Android and so much more.

I will skip most of the event, highlighting the search related topics only below. But I will also embed the keynote, so you can watch it below.

I’ll make this as easy to consume by just embedding tweets that share the news in a super fast and digestible way:

Google’s Mission – Snore …

Google always has to lead off about making knowledge more accessible …

Multisearch Near Me:

This takes the new Multisearch feature, searching with images and text at the same time, but brings it to local:

Scene Exploration:

You can scan an area and Google Lens will stitch it together to overlay search information:

Immersive View in Google Maps:

This is pretty cool, Google will stitch together photos to give you this new immersive view – coming later to a Google Maps near you:

Skin Tone Google Image Search:

A new way to filter based on skin tone in Google Images, with schema support:

Google My Ad Center:

More ways for searchers to manage their ad privacy …

Google Translate Gains 24 Languages:

More languages ​​have been added to Google Translate with new ML to help:

Google Lens is Popular:

And it really should be popular and growing, Google Lens is just that impressive:

Google Assistant More Natural:

Personal Information Removal Tool:

You can use a form to remove personal information from Google Search now but a new tool should make it easier.

About This Result in the Google App on Your Site:

I am not sure I like Google overlaying their about this result on your site, but it is the Google App doing this:

Google made it sound like this feature is used a lot, but it is a tiny fraction of all searches:

Google AR Future:

Google hinted at AR features coming, maybe a new version of Google Glass?

Google’s SVP Summary:

Here is how Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President at Google, where he is responsible for Google Search, Assistant, Geo, Ads, Commerce, and Payments products, summed up the search related announcements at Google I / O 2022:

All of Google’s I / O related announcements can be found in this section in the Google blog.

Coming up later today, here is what is available for Search and Ads:

Here is the keynote video:

Here is the short version:

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