How to factory reset your Roku device


Quick steps

  • Make sure you’re at the Roku dashboard and have your Roku remote on hand
  • Enter the following sequence on the remote: Home five times, Fast Forward three times, Rewind twice
  • Select Factory reset on the ‘Secret Screen’ that appears

If you frequently use a Roku device or streaming stick, there’s a good chance you’ve downloaded a lot of apps from the onboard Roku Channel Store. Thanks to their relatively small file sizes, and the quickness of modern-day download speeds, filling up your Roku dashboard with streaming apps is remarkably easy to do.

There may come a time, then, when you feel like wiping the slate clean on your Roku streaming device, and that could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you haven’t used your Roku for a while and would prefer to start downloading apps from scratch. Or in a worst-case scenario, a bloated collection of apps may be slowing down the device’s performance.