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How to Get Zeolite in The Planet Crafter

To get Zeolite in The Planet Crafter, players will need to increase their Terraformation to a specific level for the mineral to start spawning.

Zeolite is a mineable resource in The Planet Crafter used for crafting utility structures such as the Gas Extractor, Nuclear Fusion Generator, and DNA Manipulator. As a natural mineral, Zeolite cannot be synthetically created and only spawns into the world once players have reached the Flora stage of Terraforming. The resource will spawn in chests and across the landscape in various locations in this FPS survival title.

Survivors can easily recognize a Zeolite node by the recurring characteristics of its spawn point. First, the mineral will appear beneath a vine that forms an arch shape from the ground. This vine is sheltered by a medium-sized rock identifiable by its patches of red-colored stains on its top surface. However, these rock covers can blend in well with the surrounding environment, making it potentially tricky for players to spot them from a distance. Therefore, it is recommended that The Planet Crafter fans search for Zeolite nodes after nightfall, as the crystals of the Zeolite tend to shine brightly in the darkness, causing them to be very distinguishable in dimly lit settings.


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Zeolite can spawn within all biomes, but it typically appears near greenery and other rock formations. Keep in mind that the Terraformation index must reach 700 MTi for the indie Survival world to enter its Flora stage and start spawning Zeolite. It is also possible to refrain from opening chests until attaining 700 MTi to allow Zeolite to generate later in the containers. Nonetheless, this method is only recommended to those with enough resources to skip looting chests.

Where To Find Zeolite In The Planet Crafter

Where To Find Zeolite In The Planet Crafter

The primary way to unlock the Flora stage for finding Zeolite in The Planet Crafter is to increase the world Oxygen, Heat, Pressure, and Biomass levels as evenly as possible. Currently, there is no information about the exact values ​​these elements reach to raise the Terraforming level. Yet, it is generally understood by survivors that these four factors should be the central focus for improvement.

The Planet Crafter fans having trouble attaining 700 MTi are advised to try building multiple copies of a utility item or structure, like four Drills. If the Terraformation rate still struggles to rise dynamically in this survival game, consider constructing machines that produce Oxygen. If this method is still not working, consider switching out the devices with others that increase Pressure, Heat, or Biomass levels. In other words, the fastest way to get Zeolite to spawn is by quickly advancing in resource production but in a balanced manner.

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The Planet Crafter is available for PC.

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