How to Rotate Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone:

Are your iPhone photos all turned the wrong way? Here’s a shortcut you can use to rotate multiple images in one go.

Did you take a picture on your iPhone only to find that it rotated the wrong way? If it’s just a picture or two, it’s not a big issue. But it becomes a headache when you have taken dozens of landscape-oriented pictures, but they all end up portrait-oriented instead.

Luckily, you do not need to edit and rotate each image one by one. Instead, let’s look at how you can fix this by batch rotating multiple images on your iPhone using the built-in Shortcuts app.

The iPhone’s Shortcuts App:

Rotating an image is a basic editing task you can do on almost all iPhone photo editing apps. But you’ll likely face the limitation that you can only rotate one image at a time. Repeating this step for lots of photos is time-consuming.

A more efficient way is to use your iPhone’s Shortcuts app. The Shortcuts app helps to automate tasks on your device. For example, besides batch rotating pictures, you can also create a shortcut to bulk convert PNG images to JPEG on your iPhone, which is something no third-party app has offered for free so far.

Download: Shortcuts (Free)

Create a Shortcut to Bulk Rotate Images on Your iPhone:

Setting up an iPhone shortcut involves adding shortcut actions into a particular sequence. To set up a shortcut to batch rotate your iPhone pictures, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Select the Images to Rotate:

For the first shortcut action, you need to let your iPhone know where to get the pictures you want. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the: Shortcuts: app. In the: My Shortcuts: tab, tap the: New Shortcut (+) button.
  2. Give your shortcut a relevant name, such as: Rotate Images:.
  3. Tap: Add Action:. In the: Apps: tab, select: Photos:.
  4. From the list of actions, choose: Select Photos:.
  5. The first action is now added to your shortcut. Tap the arrow next to: Select Photos: and toggle on: Select Multiple:.

Rotate All the Images:

The second action you need to add is to rotate the selected images. Here’s how to add it:

  1. Swipe up the menu at the bottom. Tap the: x: icon to return to the main selection.
  2. In the: Categories: tab, select: Media:.
  3. Under: Image Editing:tap: Rotate Image / Video:.
  4. The default rotation is: 90 degrees:, clockwise. You can tap on: 90: and enter a custom number. 90: rotates your photo clockwise once, 180: rotates it twice, and: 270: rotates it thrice.
  5. Tap: Done:.

Save the Rotated Images:

The third action is to let your device know where it should store the rotated images. Here’s how to add it:

  1. Bring the menu up again. Tap the: x: icon to return to the main selection.
  2. In the: Apps: tab, select: Photos:.
  3. Select: Save to Photo Album:.
  4. The default album selected is: Recents:. If you want to change the image destination, you can tap on: Recents: and pick another photo album.
  5. Lastly, tap the: Exit (x) button in the top right. Your iPhone’s Shortcuts app will automatically save your new: Rotate Images: shortcut.

How to Use Your Shortcut to Bulk Rotate Images on Your iPhone:

Now, to batch rotate images on your iPhone, just head to the: Shortcuts: app and tap on your: Rotate Images: shortcut. The shortcut automatically brings up your photo album. You just need to select the images you want to rotate and tap: Add:.

Wait for a few seconds and a little checkmark will pop up once your iPhone has rotated all the images for you. Now go to your: Recents: album in the: Photos: app to obtain your rotated images. You can now delete the original photos with the wrong orientation.

How to Make Sure Your Camera Isn’t Rotated the Wrong Way:

In the future, you can apply this easy tip to avoid taking pictures in the wrong orientation. When you turn your iPhone horizontally to take a landscape photo, check that the: zoom indicator (0.5x or 1x) icon has also rotated to landscape orientation.

This indicator may sometimes rotate back to portrait due to how you’re holding your iPhone. But just take a quick glance at it right before snapping a picture so that you do not have to spend time correcting them later.

Fix Your iPhone’s Pictures With the Bulk Rotate Images Shortcut:

The multiple steps needed to create a shortcut may initially seem like a lot of work. But in the long term, you’ll save lots of time by letting your iPhone take care of small tasks like these. This way, you can focus on taking great pictures without worrying about their orientation, as you can easily correct that later.


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