Huntington Library Events: Internet Safety, Home Downsizing, More

HUNTINGTON, NY — Here are the upcoming events at Huntington Public Library, at 338 Main St., Huntington.

Register by calling 631-427-5165 or online.

Event:: Route 25A. Long Island’s Country Road
Location:: Main Auditorium:
Date:: Wednesday, Nov. 30:00
Time:: 7 p.m
Description:: Route 25A runs from the very western part of Long Island in Queens all the way to its terminus in Calverton. Along the way, this often scenic, sometimes bustling, thoroughfare has different names (Northern Boulevard, Main Street, and Fort Salonga Rd., to name a few) but regardless of the name or the geography, Route 25A is very much a part of the fabric of life on Long Island. Join us for a fast-paced tour of Long Island’s Country Road and learn how it is
contributed to the history and culture of Long Island.

Event:: Your Children Don’t Want It, What Can You Do? All About Home Downsizing:
Location:: Zoom:
Date:: Thursday, Dec. 1:
Time:: 6:30 p.m
Description:: We hear it every day. My children don’t want it, what can I do? And it’s happening all over America. In this session Mike Ivankovich, author, auctioneer, appraiser, and radio show host, will give you 15 tips & strategies designed not only to help you deal with your “stuff,” but hopefully help you make some good money when selling it.

Event:: John Lennon. Watching the Wheels:
Location:: Main Auditorium:
Date:: Wednesday, Dec. 7:00
Time:: 7 p.m
Description:: 2022 marked what would have been John Lennon’s 82nd birthday, and it was also the 42nd anniversary of his untimely death in New York City. Accordingly, this program, taking its name from one of his final hits, celebrates the life and times of the poetic Beatle who gave us such classics as All You Need is Love, Eight Days A Week, Strawberry Fields Forever, Help, and many others . As he sang on Sgt. Pepper, “A splendid time is guaranteed for all.”

Event:: Holidays with the Comedians
Location:: Main Auditorium:
Date:: Monday, Dec. 12:00
Time:: 6:30 p.m
Description:: Join Film Historian Larry Wolff as he presents one of his most popular programs – Holidays with the Comedians. Watch Laurel and Hardy try to sell Christmas trees with catastrophic results in their classic Big Business. Abbott and Costello sketches from their 1952
colorized classic Colgate Comedy Hour Holiday Show are up next. Then Jack Benny goes holiday shopping and drives Mel Blanc, and everyone else, crazy. A brief PowerPoint discussion proceeds each segment and 1940’s holiday music accompanies the book, autograph, and memorabilia

Event:: Shopping, Security and Safety Online
Location:: Zoom:
Date:: Saturday, Dec. 3:
Time:: 1 – 2:30 p.m
Description:: Learn how to safely surf, shop, and use the internet without fear of identity theft, hackers, viruses, spyware, or annoying pop-up ads.

Event:: The Christmas Star:
Location:: Zoom:
Date:: Wednesday, Dec. 14:00
Time:: 7 to 8 p.m
Description:: What happened in the skies of that time that might have lived on through the centuries as the Christmas Star? In this PowerPoint lecture, meteorologist Joe Rao, an associate and guest lecturer at New York’s Hayden Planetarium, explores the many fascinating possibilities. Could it have been a dazzling fireball meteor? Or perhaps a rare and unusual configuration of the planets? All the evidence of history and modern astronomy is woven into the answer to create a different kind of Christmas story. Presented by the Huntington area libraries.

Event:: Restoring During the Holidays with Ann McDermott
Location:: Zoom:
Date:: Thursday, Dec. 15:00
Time:: 6 p.m
Description:: Take some time for yourself during this busy season to connect to your body, mind, and breath through the practice of restorative asanas and breathing techniques.