IFF’s forges partnership to boost AI-targeted BFY snack innovation and give consumers control of their health and wellness

Metabolic health – often referred to as syndrome X ​- impacts over 25% of the global adult population and includes maladies like obesity, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and pre-hypertension that feeds into the spread of diseases like type 2 diabetes, coronary disease stroke and other diseases. The total cost of metabolic health is in the trillions, including the expenses of health care and the loss of potential economic activity.

It truly is one of the biggest health hazards of the modern world and the initial focus of the partnership between IFF and Salus Optima.

Two-pronged approach to redefine consumer health

The key to the success of the partnership’s personalized nutrition platform is blending science-backed, data-driven recommendations with behavioral change techniques – such as digital coaching – with branded products at the core of the offering.

On the first level, the collaboration leverages Salus Optima’s tech with IFF’s portfolio of health-enabling ingredients from its Nourish and Health & Biosciences divisions to help product developers to create differentiated experiences that address the aspects that influence metabolic health.

IFF’s extensive portfolio of ingredients are science-backed and clinically-tested, and include probiotics, prebiotics, plant proteins and fibers, among others.

Secondly, the partnership is also focused on helping consumers understand their unique metabolic response to food, supplements, activity and sleep, accessible via mobile phones and wearables.

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“The partnership with Salus Optima places us at the forefront of the personalized nutrition space,”said Nicolas Mirzayantz, president of Nourish, IFF.