‘Non à la France’, an appellate quote

BAMAKO, Mali – El Bachir Thiam’s retirement travels as a security agent, a small oasis of return to the Bamako area, Mali animated capital, flies through a large number of French. They are generally sympathetic, and their appropriateness.

Their entrance, their chambers, and their security in Bamako – which the city does not have as a source of terrorist activity in the image of the foreigner. Ensure that you carry back your smartphone and WhatsApp militant groups that do not care about one choice: sort of like the French – their employers, diplomats, and military personnel – based in Mali.

These last years, intensifying criticism of France’s presence in any of the african colonies. All are issues of sentiment that are colonial practices and paternalistic attitudes in Jamaica, and are fed by a range of publications on social networks, radio broadcasts, events, and discussions in the channels.

In Senegal the last day, young demonstrators accused their president of being a puppet of French President Emmanuel Macron, currently in office for a second term, and smashed the windows of French service stations and set up supermarkets.

At Burkina Faso, when the coupon is in January, the French drapes are folded and their colors are drawn horizontally to make Russian stands.

In recent November, in Niger, troops have opened fire on protesters shouting “Non-France” and trying to block a French military convoy. Two people were present, according to the Nigerian government.

The momentum of the African countries was at one point given to the colonies, to the French protectors. Six decades after the independence of the rain inside, these are the young men like M. Thiam – not even after the departure of the French colonizers – which led to the competition. Contrary to previous generations, at least instructed or alphabetized, these young people are used in the multiplicity of information on the line, even if they are accessible to promote change. They are still and are attentive.

“It’s a new level of consciousness in sub-Saharan Africa that needs to be conquered by the world,” observes El Hadj Djitteye, a small-scale analyst who recently founded a think tank named Tombouctou Strategic Studies Center for the Sahel. “You are a minister of foreign affairs by the day, or one of the groups of malignant young analysts who are recruiting, who are analysts, who are not good at it, who is a paternalist, what is aggressive, what is aggressive diplomacy. ”

The supply of information which is consumed and shared perforated in the disinformation, such as rummers infiltrated according to which in France is a mixture with the jihadists or the poison of the mouth. Most of the criticisms in France’s portals have the disadvantage of being overshadowed by the arrogance of colonial power. It touches all of France’s gardening reviews, notably in the most affluent urban areas of West Africa, but still waiting for all the money it takes to own a smartphone – one who knows what one owns – these ideas are repetitive.

In Mali, the French troops attempted to advance in about 10 years to slow the progression of Islamist armed groups, accruing France to show respect for the Malians. The accusations were not only leveled by the militants like El Bechir Thiam, but also by the most responsible people of the country, who became prime minister.

“You can be humiliated,” the statement of Prime Minister Choguel Maïga was made in a discourse which, as a souvenir, was derived from conspiracy theories without foundation. This rhetorical genre permeates the military junta even after 2020 to conserve a massively popular bra. “And our chicken is not a chicken that sucks.”

The revision is complete in relation to the situation of one of them. When the jihadists were conquered by the North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012, Mali appealed to France and then to the military. From the arrival of the French soldiers, the Maliens being on the heroes.

Aujourd’hui, on les chasse du pays. Returning to the sanctions imposed by the Economic Community of the African States of the West, Cédéao, intended for the purpose of retrieving the ship – France being regarded as the one who draws the dice.

The François are also generally blown to their finest metric capacity to an insurrection that has not metastasized, exacerbating the malignant frontiers and destabilizing the entire Sahel region – although the malignant clusters are mainly formed ‘Avoid all person centaurs with their new partner, Russian mercenaries. On the other hand, the French fired their shots at groups of rebels from the north, who wanted to break free from the tyranny of Mali.

It is essentially about the degradation of the security situation that portrays the posts of M. Thiam, who publishes all of his new retirement services. At the moment, it has more than 35,000 friends or subscribers on Facebook.

Il ne militait pas qu’en ligne: il a co-fondé On A Tout Compris, a group that organizes events outside the French embassy in Bamako and the like of French companies, in Total Petroleum Company. For many years, in order to reach the working hours, it is necessary to quitter the resonances in full session. Finish by transmitting your employer pension and engaging at full speed in your militant activity.

On Facebook, the website specifically posters of videos of him on a train burn a French drape – which, of course, he conducts with the exclusion of the social network. (Contact, Facebook indicating that the burners do not consist of a violation of its rules, but which can be banned for another reason). The photo was published of photos of dead French soldiers, qualified as “other terrorists”, by simple provocation.

“We believe that each state chose to do this because it is part of our strategies,” he said.

As the French soldiers of the Barkhane operation fully carry luggage and do not intend to pay for it, their conductors are bounded by their relations with other paying agents, such as Niger and Côte d’Ivoire, or which organize themselves more in a training session with the local groups, as well as the font setting of the annuities.

Following the anniversaries of the independence of African nations, France maintained a network of political and commercial links with its colony anchors, bringing together in practice corrupt governments or dictators for their own benefit – nom de Françafrique.

After selecting M. Macron, the sample is initially possible if the currents are at the switch point. The new president is engaged in declassifying secret archives related to the assassination of Thomas Sankara, the revolutionary conductor of Burkina Faso who, in order to keep France free of any involvement. He also apologized to Rwanda for France’s role in the genocide.

“There is a generation that does not come directly to Africa where it wants to go,” said Ouagadougou, a student at Burkina Faso Capital, in 2017.

These declarations sounded hollow in January 2020, even though African conductors were intended for a partial destiny to secure the installation of anti-French sentiments in their respective countries. To break their citations, M. Macron failed to display an intolerable arrogance.

And in Mali – a country that, at the same time, has a regional barometer, in terms of the state of affairs of destabilizing Islamist groups – the people and the feeling that this is a persistent arrogance. The coup d’état by several French ministers of the military junta which turned the French president and longtime ally, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, onwards, accentuated this tendency.

The relations between the two countries are rapidly degraded.

When Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Foreign Minister, qualified as “illegitimate” and “horses of control”, his ambassador to Bamako has been the first to quit the country.

At the embassy, ​​by a recent mid-range, the spacious offices of the ambassador are silenced. Each sign of its presence is present: a photo of it attached to it by itself, posed by you as the last trait of humor before it departs.

This etiquette of “illegitimacy” heresy encore beaucoup de Maliens. Bien sûr, reconnaissent-ils, la junte n’a pas été élue. Most democrats are just as democratic as France is, and the fact that the government speaks for itself.

“Arré de penser que nous sommes inferior,” lance Pierre Togo, a sold out anchor, at the attention of France, sipping a mango jus in a Bamako bar. “France plots, you play a game. And staying africa’s buying it. ”

At the other end of the hill, on a round-the-clock animation of outpatient brands under the malignant sickle, Lassina Keita, the mechanic, is basically the most expensive oil on the shirt. At this point, the source of all their information, a small radio, is attached. “They want their rights and the rights of the people,” said the French.

This presence is partly removed from the capital, some from the north and the center, or the resurrection takes place, there are other races.

In a tranquil suburb of Bamako, Bintu Walet Abdou and Ami Walet Idrissa, aged 22, parked in this lower masonry, in rough concrete pavements heated by the sole. Ellen is reminiscent of those advancing on Tombouctou, the tomb of the main Islamist militia after its weapons and ammunition were smashed into the Libyan countryside, which was flooded with chaos.

“France a beaucoup aidé le Mali,” remarque Bintu.

“These are the ones that chase the jihadists,” said Ami.

Ami avait 13 quand les dihadistes ont pris Tombouctou, en 2012. His parents avaient fui, mais elle était resté sur place with their frères and sœurs. On the other hand, all that is rented out after it has been swamped in a river, the men are on their way. It is intermittent with both men and women of the ensemble marker, their ont-ils affirmed – to be imported which are both free and closed. Ils les ont fouettés tous les du, raconte-t-elle.

The two young women do not know what the French are like, but not the Jamaicans in public, but some of the French are placed at the same level as the jihadists, as a gift. Bamako, their opinions on the attirererait of ennuis.

As most virulent destroyers in France live in regions controlled by extremists or violent armed forces, plots such as Bamako’s security flow seamlessly without any differences.

With the pension granted, a collateral anchor by M. Thiam was not prepared to be deformed because it had a collaborate anchor.

“Envoyez-le dan Dogon pays, ku entele le coupe de fiu,” lance-t-il with a sourere, referring to a region regulated by the armed groups that France combined. The current and current revival of “Vive la France!”

Mamadou Tapily, Mohamed Ag Hamaleck and Mady Camara all contributed to this report.