Texas AG Ken Paxton lawsuit targets LGBTQ protections in adoptions

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks during a press conference on a statewide effort to combat opioids among high school students at the William P. Clements State Office Building on Wednesday, Oct.  12, 2022.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit Monday targeting a federal rule that prohibits discrimination in foster care and adoption services.

Paxton’s office is seeking a judgment against the US Department of Health and Human Services over an Obama-era administrative rule prohibiting foster care and adoption service agencies from using federal money on programs or companies that discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation and same – sex marriage.

Paxton argues in the suit that the federal rule, known as the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity rule, or SOGI, does not prohibit the state from contracting with child placement agencies that are not in compliance.

“There are so many vital religious institutions in Texas and around the country that can aid in making sure foster children are protected and able to find good homes,” Paxton said Monday in a news release announcing the lawsuit. “The SOGI Rule would force them either to adopt a radical woke agenda or surrender their mission of helping children.”