Town seeks community assistance to preserve

Sam Desmond

The Blue Point Civic Association held their September meeting on Monday, Sept. 12 in the Gene Horton Room of the Bayport-Blue Point Library.

Vice president Alex Wellems discussed 2023 membership renewals. Individual membership is $25 while family membership is $35 and covers a calendar year. Members can expect to hear updates about the civic’s activities through email and Facebook announcements in addition to monthly meetings.

During the last meeting, business was discussed, including:

Roe Park

The Town of Brookhaven is moving forward with the plans as presented, but there are supply chain concerns at this time. Councilman Neil Foley’s (R-5th District) office is addressing the issues. The civic received confirmation that they will be daylighting the creek.

Dunkin’ (proposed on the corner of Blue Point Avenue and Montauk Highway)

Wellems indicated that the civic is currently communicating with the owner of the franchise who is working with the TOB on several concerns, including a community feature that may include a wall and/or bench-style seating at the corner of the property. The civic reported that the owner has been responsive and has acted quickly to address community concerns about landscaping and illegal signs

Suffolk County Main Street Grant

Sites for the lights have been determined and movement and/or building for this project should start before the end of the year.

Five Mile Look Restoration: Community member Jack Sautter has been helping with the paperwork for the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Blue Point Dock

Wellems indicated work is now complete, but unfortunately, there have been a few instances of vandalism. The civic asks community members to keep a watchful eye on the property when possible.

Montauk Highway street lights

Community members are working to relay information to the TOB Highway Department to determine and catalog which street lights are currently out of service.

Middle Road/Corey Avenue safety concerns

A traffic study was conducted and the civic is awaiting the pending results. Legis. Thorne (R-8th District) has pledged his ongoing commitment to getting the stop signs installed.

New business included:

Megill Pond

Thorne and Foley met at the property to discuss approaches to help improve aesthetics and address environmental concerns. The current plan is to remove phragmites twice per year and possibly install a solar-powered fountain to improve water movement to prevent the invasive species from proliferating. A community member suggested contacting Frank Piccininni of the Save the Great South Bay organization to possibly utilize resources for planting native species, and the civic noted a fundraiser for this cost may be necessary.

Blue Point Avenue street signs

Several street signs along Blue Point Avenue were damaged and/or broken and the civic notified TOB and asked for repair. The civic asked the community to discuss issues with the TOB in order to address repairs.

Blue Point Nature Preserve concerns

The TOB Parks Department was notified that the entry gate was not opened at the posted opening time on the signage. The TOB addressed this, and the Parks Department will now open the gates at 7:30 am and the signage will be updated accordingly. Sidewalks were being watered but plants were not, and the Parks Department is asking community members to video record any irrigation observations so that the issue can be rectified.

Traffic concern at the corner of Blue Point Avenue and Park Street

A new homeowner removed a mirror near the Park Street intersection originally installed by the previous owner to aid in viewing traffic. As a result, several community members had asked about the possibility of TOB installing a mirror, but TOB is advising this is not possible and is not allowed.

Blue Point Dock utilities

A community member had inquired about the possibility of installing water service to provide a washout system by the tables where fish are being cut. TOB would need to install a tap and water service, which could also supply water for irrigation that would help with the plantings at the site. TOB is trying to increase budgeting for this addition.

The next meeting will be held at the BBP Library on Oct. 3.