Where Another Trilogy Could Go


Spoiler Warning: Jurassic World: DominionThe Jurassic World trilogy has come to an end with Jurassic World: Dominion. With a new genetics company using their technology to devastate crop populations and a thriving dinosaur black market, it seems like the world is accepting the new additions to the environment. That does not mean everyone is thriving. The world is after Maisie (Isabella Sermon), the dinosaur black market is extremely active, and there are some weird insects buzzing about.

Jurassic World was the second trilogy to come from the franchise, building on the genetics work done in Jurassic Park, opening a new park, and creating new dinosaurs to keep things interesting for the public. Like the original trilogy, dinosaurs ended up in places they should not be, and someone is left to clean it up. The only difference is it’s the whole world cleaning it up this time.


This trilogy came fourteen years after the first ended. That means if another trilogy were to happen, fans would likely have to wait a bit to see where the story goes. Here are some directions that could make for interesting future installments.

More Cretaceous Creatures

Arguably the most shocking twist of the film was the introduction of locusts. Sure, locusts exist now, but prehistoric locusts? They have no place in today’s world. Instead of making dinosaur hybrids, the CEO of Biosyn, Dr. Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), and our favorite dino-geneticist Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong), have been making prehistoric insects that won’t eat their crop strains. They’re reproducing at unnatural rates, decimating crop fields throughout the United States, and are poised to cause an enormous food shortage and ecological disaster. It certainly is one way to sell your crops to farmers.

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While Dr. Wu helps eradicate the swarms of locusts plaguing farmers, giving him a less-than-stellar redemption arc, the door is now wide open for something similar to happen again. With the trials against Biosyn taking place, the world will not only find out what they were doing, but other people might get similar ideas. A third trilogy could explore what happens when genetics goes beyond just cloning and creating dinosaurs. Why stop at locusts? There are plenty of prehistoric insects, arthropods, and others that more films could center around.

The CIA Route

One of the more interesting developments of the film was that Franklin Webb (Justice Smith), a former IT worker at Jurassic World and activist to save the dinosaurs, started working with the CIA. The intelligence service created a division just for dinosaurs to track down smugglers, black-market breeders, and anything else the government might want to intervene with. As the plot moves along, audiences discover that Barry Sembène (Omar Sy), former Velociraptor trainer with Jurassic World, has become a deep undercover operative for the CIA, passing along information on dinosaur trades and sales.

Rather than another three films focusing on the same rinse and repeat of the first two trilogies, maybe it’s time for the franchise to go a legal / spy thriller route. A film following CIA agents as they try to take down a dinosaur trafficking ring or a rogue geneticist trying to create a biological weapon sounds really fun. It takes everything we know about a dinosaur-filled world and gives an entirely new angle while leaving the door open for previous characters to return.

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The government also introduced the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife, which maintains sighting reports and relocates dinosaurs as needed. They were relocating dinosaurs to the preserve run by Biosyn, which the United Nations has seemingly taken over. With the CIA busting illegal breeders and the DPW relocating them to an internationally-protected sanctuary, a few films could come from that and provide a new take on what is quickly becoming a tired premise.

Each film could follow a different facet of the new government entities. Maybe the first follows Barry and others as they work to infiltrate a breeding or trafficking ring, passing information along to Franklin and other CIA agents. The next film could involve busting the ring and introducing new characters that work in the CIA division as they use Barry’s intel to close in and arrest the people involved. The final film could follow them as they work to relocate the dinosaurs to the sanctuary as there is a final effort by the breeders or sellers to get them back. This route could also include other creatures, like the locusts.

A Focus on Wu

He’s the scientist that almost always ends up as the antagonist in some way in the franchise, but Dominion gave him a bit of redemption. While it was not the greatest redemption arc in the history of cinema, it gave fans a little something. Rather than make another trilogy focusing on dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures, maybe the future of the franchise lies in genetics.

The human cloning arc did not come quite full circle, but it came around enough to assist with the plot. It turns out Maisie and Blue the Velociraptor’s baby Beta held the key to fixing the locust problem. Maisie was a clone, but after her mother was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, she performed some type of gene therapy on Maisie to ensure her daughter would not receive it. Beta and Blue come into play because Beta is a clone that had not been genetically modified.

There are plenty of other uses for the information Wu used to eradicate the locusts. Maybe the next installment of the franchise should follow how dinosaurs have helped humankind or the planet, following Wu and his work with gene therapy. There might not be enough there for a full trilogy, maybe a spin-off at most, but it could give some well-deserved time to a longtime character.

Where else could the franchise go? Time will tell.